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Crafting the Perfect Wedding with Enchanting Floral Designs

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in your life, and every detail should reflect your unique love story.

At Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop, we understand the importance of creating a dream wedding that’s as beautiful as your love story. Our expert florists are here to turn your wedding day into a floral masterpiece.

Bouquets that Speak Volumes • Your bridal bouquet is a symbol of your love and style. We’ll work closely with you to design a bouquet that perfectly complements your wedding gown and theme, whether it’s classic, rustic, or modern.

(Bride, Shanequa Tolliver, holding a custom bridal bouquet made by Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop for her wedding day at

Sliver Oaks Chateau,)

Photo credit: Al Chappelle

Captivating Centerpieces • Transform your reception into a breathtaking space with our stunning centerpieces. From towering arrangements to delicate tablescapes, our floral designs will leave your guests in awe.

(Faux flower table centerpieces made by Decorrise Decor)

Photo credit: Al Chappelle

Custom Fresh Bridemaid Bouquets • Make your walk down the aisle truly magical with our stunning bridemaids bouquets. We’ll create an enchanting coordination for your ceremony.

(Bride & Groom surrounded by the bride and groom parties: Custom bridemaid bouquets made by Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop)

Photo credit: Al Chappelle

Cake Florals • Your wedding cake will be cherished for a lifetime. Our floral cake add-on will add a touch of elegance to your special day, creating lasting memories.

(Custom cake flowers provided by Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop to cake designer, Syeeda Morris. owner of Pharoah's Donut)

Photo credit: Al Chappelle

Personalized Consultation • We believe in making your wedding vision a reality. Our experienced florists will sit down with you for a personalized consultation to understand your style and preferences, ensuring every arrangement reflects your unique love story. We know weddings can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on beauty. We offer a range of budget-friendly options without sacrificing quality or style. Your wedding day should be nothing short of magical, and our floral designs will make it a day to remember. At Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop, we’re committed to turning your dream wedding into a reality.

We look forward to working with you!


Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop


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