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Is Free Shipping on Bouquets the Deal You've Been Waiting for?

Galentine's Day at Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop was nothing short of fun and fabulous. From the catered food from Jay's Kitchen to the Yummy cheesecake brownies from Yummy Sweetcakes, the how to build your own bouquet tutorial was just the perfect addition to the self-care vibes.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re still searching for the perfect gift to sweep your special someone off their feet, look no further! Nothing says “I love you” quite like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. That why all bouquets will have FREE shipping tomorrow when you place your order online TODAY and use code: ShipFree

At Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop we understand the importance of expressing your love on this romantic occasion, even at the last minute. The Language of Love in Blooms Flowers have a unique way of conveying emotions, and on Valentine’s Day, they speak volumes. Whether it’s the classic red roses symbolizing passionate love or vibrant mixed arrangements representing joy and affection, our bouquets are crafted to capture the essence of your feelings.

Why Choose Our Bouquets?

1. Freshness Guaranteed: We source our flowers from trusted growers to ensure the highest quality and freshness for your bouquet.

2. Express Shipping: FREE tomorrow when you order online TODAY with CODE: ShipFree With our efficient delivery service, you can rest assured that your bouquet will arrive on time to surprise your beloved on Valentine’s Day

Happy Spreading of love and joy!

Warmly, Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop

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