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Spread the LOVE & HONOR

February is such a dynamic month, why? Because it’s a month to intentionally spread Love to those most dear to our hearts and give Honor to those who have progressed the world around us all through black history.

Sophia’s Crown Flower Shop is excited to be highlighting our spread the LOVE arrangements with a beautiful selection of floral for all the love’s in your life.

And for your little princess, don't forget the glitter and glam with our creative mini daughter v-day arrangement.

All of these arrangements can be pre-ordered now for delivery on February 14th

We are also spreading HONOR with our limited edition BLM floral arrangements that feature empowering cards with quotes like “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” -Oprah

Rather you decide to celebrate February through LOVE or HONOR we are happy to provide your floral needs with curbside pick up from our Southampton location or touch-less delivery to the home/business of your choice.


Sophia's Crowns Flower Shop

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